Automatic Pool Cleaner Repair

If you need Polaris or Hayward automatic pool cleaner repair and would like us to service it, give us a call today! We also service suction side cleaners! Call us 850 453-3030 to have your automatic cleaner repaired. We always carry a wide variety of robot cleaner parts with us on our swimming pool routes. Most of the time we will have your pool cleaner robot picked up and repaired within 24 hours. If your looking for a automatic pool cleaner, we have knowledge of the what the most reliable ones are. If your swimming pool has two skimmers and a variable speed pump, a suction side cleaner can be a good fit. If you do not have a side port and you only have one skimmer, we would recommend a pressure side cleaner. Electric pool vacuums are available, they use standard A/C outlets and can be programmed to clean your pool daily.